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The SMART POLLEN MONITORING application is a simple yet powerful 3D-web-based application project that facilitates the simulation of tree-pollen dispersal patterns of the selected tree types integrating with a smart routing functionality. An application illustrates the current and historic behavior of pollen dispersion at a specific location from each tree directly! ===============================================================================================================


  • Simulate the tree-pollen dispersal from each tree source.
  • Real-time and Historical data are available.
  • Many tree types are available for selection.
  • Visualize the statistic of pollen dispersal data due to the season blooming data.
  • Visualize the number of tree on the current window.
  • New tree data can be added by all users.


  • The Smart Pollen Monitoring 2.0 is tested with the following browsers.
    • Google Chrome (The latest version is recommended)
    • Safari (version 11.1.x or later)
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Opera
  • Do not work well on the mobile device.
  • The application is now supported only in the area of Frankfurt, Germany and New York City, USA.
  • The display of pollen dispersal analysis needs some time to load especially in the area with a high number of trees or when select many types of tree at a time.
  • The pollen dispersal analysis will be displayed only in the current view to minimizing the loading time.
  • The tree datasets only include the public trees, which causes the blind spots in the private areas. This problem is solved by allowing users to add new tree data to the application's database.
  • The routing function with a Google API mode consumes the Google Map API which limits the request number per month. We are encouraged to use the better solution on the server-side when our project is funded to use a better server machine.
  • The routing function mode to avoid pollen give users a journey that far from the pollen source. However, the route may intersect with the pollen dispersal. The development process to avoid all the ellipses is possible but require higher server processing.


  • Please,  do not add a new tree randomly to the database.

Future Work

  • Support mobile and tablet devices.
  • World-wide coverage area.
  • More types of pollen available.
  • Improve pollen dispersal analysis model.
  • Consider other impacts to the pollen dispersal analysis such as the height of the tree and buildings around them.
  • Use the height of the tree to compute 3D-ellipses in order to display pollen dispersal.
  • Membership management. Users need to sign in to add a new tree to the database.
  • 3D Output of the Tree-pollen dispersal.